Get Started

Getting Started managing an assignment with Platypus only requires the following 5 steps

Create Assignment

Creating an assignment in Platypus is simple yet powerful. The assignment editor allows for configuration of student groups, peer review process, assignment and marking deadlines. All from a simple, well documented interface.

Write Questions

Writing questions in Platypus is possible, no matter the subject matter with the built in Latex interpereter. Questions can be managed with subquestions and solutions supported to enable efficient peer and tutor marking.

Assign Tutors

Tutors can be assigned to mark each question individually, allowing for division of the workload amoungst the teaching staff. Once assignment submission has been closed, Platypus will automatically distribute answers to be marked. Performance on marking tasks is available to indicate marking progress.

Begin Marking

Once submission has closed, marking can be initiated, either automatically or manually be the 'Start marking' button. This will shuffle answers and distribute marking tasks to students and tutors. Results will be automatically aggregating and group statistics calculated.

Release Results

After marking is completed, results can be set to be automatically released or released manually. Students are then notified, with marks and aggregated feedback from tutors and peers being provided.