Question-based peer review

Replication & randomization of reviewing supporting faster, richer, and more diverse feedback

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Peer Review for the Digital Age

Platypus provides a workflow optimised for learning


Using the platypus interface students submit answers to an assignments questions.

Distribute Broadly

The Platypus system will automatically distribute anonymised questions randomly to students.

Review & Reflect

Students and tutors mark the assigned answers, providing feedback and insight.

Collate & Analyse

Use the review results to provide insight into class performace and understanding.

Features and Tools

Platypus provides focused features to help enable learning

Random Shuffling

Anonymised question based shuffle ensures accurate marking and effective feedback.

Powerful Analytics

Automatically collect a wealth of data. Quickly assess the state of your class and keep your students on track.

Peer Feedback

Students receive wider feedback, quicker than ever before, helping them take control of their learning.

Latex Support

Built in support for LaTeX provides students with the tools to answer any question, their way.

Any Size

With support for per question allocation, platypus is suitable for classes of any size.

Richer Feedback

Provide students with richer feedback, faster.

By integrating feedback from multiple perspectives, including course staff and multiple peers, as well as reducing turnaround times, Platypus provides students deliberate practice and the support required to fully develop content understanding.

Workflow Redefined

What worked for paper impedes progress in a digital age

Instead of creating a digital representation of a preexisting paper based workflow, Platypus has re-evaluated the marking process with an aim to fully leverage the benefits that computers provide. By focusing on automating things such as assignment submission, marking distribution and grade allocation, Platypus removes the tedium involved with assesment managment.

Full Access

Utilise all the data collected by platypus how you want to

Platypus aims to give you access to all the data collected to keep you informed and allow you to derive your own conclusions. Quickly access the summarised data or perform your own analysis on raw information, it's your choice.